24 March 2016

About us

Who are we?

Euro-Tyre, a driven and dynamic tyre trading company where a no-nonsense mentality and the use of talent are key priorities. If you want to be part of our culture and our team, the world of tyres and want to meet the challenge: check our vacancies here.

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Origin and growth

Euro-Tyre B.V. was founded in 1984. Initially, Euro-Tyre focused on the German market, then followed by the BeNeLux, Great-Britain, France and more. In the meantime Euro-Tyre became a valued partner in the national and international trademarket of tyres and we are extremely proud of our status! 

Since 2010 Euro-Tyre is a part of PON and the PON Tyre Group B.V. A group of companies operating nationally and internationally in the automotive industry, selling and distributing tyres, wheels and trailer axles. Our appreciated partners in the PON Tyre Group are Reifen Gundlach, Continental Banden Groep, Amring, SAF en IMS.

PON and Euro-Tyre

PON, the largest Dutch family-owned company, is an international trading and service company with a wide range of activities. PON employs more than 15.000 people over 250 locations in 21 countries. In the Netherlands PON employs nearly 6.000 people. Most of the PON operation is focused on the import, logistics, marketing, distribution, service and maintenance of products in terms of type, quality and organization fit together. These products include passenger cars, vans, buses, bicycles, tyres, earth-moving and road construction machinery and products for the marine, offshore, transport and logistics.

Euro-Tyre is an operational company of PON. Who works at Euro-Tyre and PON understands that they are not aiming for a single transaction, but for a long term relationship. That aspect, combined with a no-nonsense culture ”with both feet on the ground” and the strong belief that nothing is impossible, makes working at Euro-Tyre something special.

The ‘we-feeling’ makes us proud, every day we go to work.


Working at Euro-Tyre?

Interested in working for Euro Tyre? Check the PON jobs website for the open positions at Euro-Tyre or any of the other GAC companies.